If you are visiting this site, you probably were a customer or the former RHSNET Internet Services (Hilton Head, SC). Since its sale to ISLC (Beaufort, SC) we have in good faith provided FREE e-mail service to all former customers. Starting December 11, 2004 we are updating our mail system which will bring many benefits including SPAM, Virus, and Fraud protection, WebMail Access and more storage space.

Because of the increased cost of those upgrades, we no longer can provide the service for free. A very reasonable fee of $14.95/year will be charged starting December 11, 2004. This is only $1.25/month, or $0.04/day! If you need to continue your RHSNET mail service, please renew it now. If you don't renew your mail will stop working!

We understand that in the past you were not able to get a reliable technical support. This is no longer the case. You can always come to this website and contact us if you have any questions regarding your service.

Some of the benefits coming after December 11, 2004 are:
  • Spam Protection - Eliminates the hassle of sorting through extra e-mail.
  • Virus Protection - Guards your computer against all new viruses.
  • Fraud Protection - Protects you against phishing schemes by eliminating the e-mail.
  • WebMail - Read/Send e-mail from anywhere using just a web browser.
  • Better Customer Service - You can contact us if you have any technical or billing questions.
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